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Jeremy Ok

Full Stack / AI Engineer

My journey started with co-founding Lyra Capital, a quantitative crypto trading firm, where we pioneered delta-neutral, high-frequency strategies across various exchanges. From there, I moved to Evaheld, an innovative startup in posthumous content creation and delivery. As the engineering lead I helped launch their platform. The next chapter took me to Haemaglobal, an AI tech-startup focused on precision haematology tools. Collaborating closely with the CTO, I helped develop integral dashboards and interfaces for their groundbreaking models.

At Crimson Education, a leading NZ-based ed-tech company, I’ve worked with the marketing head and careers director to reengineer their virtual internship product, influencing the company’s global trajectory. Currently, I helm Lyra Labs, an agency managing an array of smaller projects and contracts. Guiding the team with a hands-on approach, I continue to drive success with my unique blend of business and technical acumen. Cycling is passion when not immersed in work, allowing me to enjoy a balanced and fulfilled life.