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Soma Capital invests in brilliant, fearless teams building Category Kings. We focus on software to automate the world, across any sector and geography that can touch billions of people and push humanity forward! See how we help founders

We're Hiring
RazorpayPayment solution in India that allows businesses to accept, process and disburse online transactionsFinTechIndia
RappiOn demand delivery in Latin America.ConsumerLatAm
RipplingIntegrated platform to manage employee payroll, benefits, training, devices, and app permissionsB2B / SaaSUS
CruiseSelf-driving car technologyFrontierTechUS
DeelPayments and compliance platform for international contractorsB2B / SaaSUS
RampCorporate credit card that focuses on helping businesses eliminate overspendFinTechUS
BoltRetailers use Bolt's lightning-fast, one-click checkout to convert, retain, and delight more shoppers.B2B / SaaSUS
LatticeContinuous performance management software to drive better employee engagementB2B / SaaSUS
IroncladModern contract management and workflow automation for legal teamsB2B / SaaSUS
SolugenGreen specialty chemicals manufacturer that produces bio / plant-based peroxideFrontierTechUS
AstranisGeostationary communications satellite operator and manufacturerFrontierTechUS
AltoMedication and prescription door deliveryHealthTechUS
Human Interest401(k) provider for SMBsB2B / SaaSUS
FlutterwavePayment infrastructure for global merchantsFinTechMENA
CodaBrings all your words, data, and teamwork into one powerful docB2B / SaaSUS
KalshiExchange that allows people to trade on the outcome of events.ConsumerUS
KeplerDistributed computing that harnesses the power of multiple nodes to augment computational powerFrontierTechUS
NowportsFreight shipment software for Latin AmericaLogisticsLatAm
Misfits MarketOnline grocer dedicated to making affordable high-quality food more accessible.Food & AgTechUS
ClaraCorporate credit card for SMBs in LatAm to manage expensesFinTechLatAm
JeevesAll-in-one financial stack for growing businesses globallyFinTechLatAm
TruebillLeading personal finance app with a mission to empower people to live their best financial lives.Consumer
Gecko RoboticsRobots that automate infrastructure inspectionFrontierTechUS
RaiseMarketplace to buy and sell gift cards.ConsumerUS
InstaworkConnecting businesses to hourly employees B2B / SaaSUS
99minutosFastest, cheapest and most reliable same-day delivery for e-commerce companies in LatAmLogisticsLatAm
NayyaAI and data-driven insurance optimization platform for employersHealthTechUS
ZeptoIndian Q-Commerce platform.ConsumerIndia
PartnerStackPartnership platform for B2B SaaS that supports affiliate, referral, and reseller channel partners to drive recurring revenueB2B / SaaSUS
Lambda SchoolFree engineering education platform in exchange for income-sharing.EdTechUS
MasonEnd-to-end solution that provides mobile building blocks for mobile infrastructureFrontierTechUS
CuldesacRe-imaging neighborhoods to minimize cars.PropTechUS
Reach LabsWireless charging over wifi.FrontierTechUS
TorchLeadership development through integrated coaching.EdTechUS
Eight SleepSmart mattress manufacturer leveraging dynamic cooling and heating and detailed sleep tracking.ConsumerUS
Akido LabsCare delivery platform that collaborates with healthcare, government, and nonprofit institutions to tackle health inequitiesHealthTechUS
ReturnbaseAdditional income with sources of bulk liquidation inventory to resell for a profitB2B / SaaSUS
EmbarktrucksSelf-driving trucks operating automated freight routesFrontierTechUS
MothershipLast mile freight logistics platform connecting cargo to nearby trucksLogisticsUS
SkydropxLast mile delivery and business shipping service for LatAmLogisticsLatAm
ValidereDiagnostic tools for liquids in heavy industryFrontierTechCanada
PachydermGitHub for Data Version Control.DevToolsUS
Shelf EngineAI engine that optimizes the process of stocking shelves for supermarkets.Food & AgTechUS
Yoshi, Inc.On-demand gas delivery.ConsumerUS
BiobotTechnology that analyzes wastewater in order to help improve city managementFrontierTechUS
ConvexInternational specialty insurer and reinsurer.PropTechUS
KeeperTaxTechnology that automatically finds tax write-offs for contractors among their purchasesB2B / SaaSUS
KoviCar subscription platform that aims to make car ownership and rentals more accessible LatAmFinTechLatAm
NabisCannabis distribution service platform LogisticsUS
SearchlightIntelligent referencing software to hire and retain talent successfullyB2B / SaaSUS
Made RenovationAll-in-one renovation solution that combines high-quality design, materials, and construction.PropTechUS
ZerodownReinventing home ownership through more flexible payment plans.PropTechUS
PaymongoModern online payments for Southeast AsiaFinTechSEA
LaikaE-commerce platform for pet supplies in Colombia.ConsumerLatAm
Prenda SchoolCreate micro-schools that empower kids to learn through engagement.EdTechUS
FampayPayments app and card for teens in IndiaFinTechIndia & Pak
ChiperLeading B2B e-commerce ecosystem for corner stores in LatAmB2B / SaaSLatAm
PortsideAircraft data reporting and analytics platform for individuals and corporationsB2B / SaaSUS
DoverRecruiting software that automates and personalizes the outreach process from sourcing to schedulingB2B / SaaSUS
Rutter APIUniversal API between e commerce platforms.DevToolsUS
GreenPark SportsFan engagement and virtual gaming platform where fans compete with each other to support their teamCryptoUS
WorkstreamAI hiring platform that reduces the time needed to screen, onboard and train hourly workersB2B / SaaSUS
EmbraceMonitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT, and business users that helps debug mobile devices.DevToolsUS
SecureframeSoftware that helps companies get SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant fast.DevToolsUS
FlatfileDrop-in data importer that allows users to easily ingest, structure and format data in hours.DevToolsUS
CurativeTesting kit provider that is disrupting the medical supply chainHealthTechUS
EmbedClearing and custody to power investing productsFinTechUS
Living CarbonGenetically engineering trees to combat climate changeFrontierTechUS
truvSafest API connection to payroll accounts to enables income & employment verification, direct deposit switching, and moreB2B / SaaSUS
Welcome HomesOn-demand custom ordered homes.PropTechUS
ViaMobile marketing platform for eCommerce brands B2B / SaaSUS
StokeReusable rockets for small satellitesFrontierTechUS
DopplerSecretOps Platform to sync environment variables at scale.DevToolsUS
PawpTelehealth platform for pet owners and their pets.ConsumerUS
HabitasBuilding 3d printed hotels.PropTechUS
R2Embedded lending infrastructureFinTechLatAm
OnTop Multi-country payroll management platform that automates taxes, employee payment, hiring, and onboarding for global teamsB2B / SaaSLatAm
Houm End-to-end real estate marketplace for home rental, buying, and selling.PropTechLatAm
DraftOn-demand content marketing, for a monthly feeB2B / SaaSCanada
QuickNode Tools & infrastructure to build and scale high-quality blockchain appsCryptoUS
InventaB2B wholesale merchandise marketplaceB2B / SaaSLatAm
YummyFood delivery and last mile logistics in Venezuela .ConsumerLatAm
Lula Insurance Infrastructure for Today’s EconomyFinTechUS
TAGFinancial super app for PakistanFinTechIndia & Pak
Wyvern SpaceIntelligence from space, anywhereFrontierTechCanada
RarifyBlockchain agnostic NFT infrastructureCryptoUS
PomeloTechnology and infrastructure to launch and scale your fintech in LatAmFinTechLatAm
WanderBook smart home accommodations around the world.PropTechUS
SuperDAO All-in-one DAO platformCryptoUS
PrysmLiquidity for startup equityFinTechUS
ArcFull service platform to help startups growFinTechUS
NitraCutting-edge spend management software and banking services for the healthcare industryFinTechUS
TrueNorthSoftware to allow independent truckers manager their operations and customersLogisticsUS
NuvocargoThe new way to move cargo between the US and MexicoLogisticsUS
SpectralDecentralized Credit ScoringCryptoUS
DestinusGlobal hyperexpress delivery in under 2 hours FrontierTechEurope
CrossmintThe easiest way to buy NFTsCryptoUS
StarlightMore Secure and powerful enterprise networksFrontierTechUS
X1Smart consumer credit cardFinTechUS
RunwiseHardware and software that drives energy savings for large buildings.PropTechUS

The following may not be a full and complete list of Soma Capital investments. Portfolio companies are listed with their valuations as of 12/01/2022. Such list is for illustrative purposes only. The list of investments is updated periodically and as such may not reflect the most recent Soma Capital investments. Not all investments may result in an exit or a profitable exit. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The valuations listed on Soma Capital’s website reflect numerous assumptions with respect to industry performance, general business, economic, geo-political, market and financial conditions and other matters, all of which are difficult to predict and beyond Soma Capital’s control. Such valuations also reflect numerous estimates and assumptions related to the applicable company’s business that are inherently subject to significant economic, political and competitive uncertainties, all of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond Soma Capital’s control. Portfolio companies are listed with their current known estimated valuations based on external data sources. There can be no assurance that the assumptions made in preparing such valuations will prove accurate or that the valuation reflected therein will be realized upon a liquidity event.